Antique-Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring 

    3/4"x 5"x rl(2'-12'),t&g,solid,unfinished,           Reclaimed/Antique Heart Pine Flooring

$3.75/sq ft. 

This flooring is being pulled from an old Warehouse in Camden,TN
1,700 sq ft Available


              3/4" x 4-1/2" x RL(1'-8'),                         solid,unfinished,t&g,Character grade,                         Antique Heart Pine. $5.00/sq ft.

3/4"x 5"x RL (1'-10') solid,t&g,endmatched,unfinished, Antique Heart Pine Flooring$5.25/sq ft. 

3/4" x 6" x Random Lengths(1'-10'),Antique Heart Pine,t&g,endmatched,solid,unfinished. $5.50/sq ft.

3/4" x 8" x Random Lengths(1'-10'),Antique Heart Pine,t&g,endmatched,solid,unfinished. $7.00/sq ft.

1/2" x 5" x RL(1'-8'),solid,unfinished,t&g, Antique Heart Pine. $4.00/sq ft. 

1/2" x 7" x RL(1'-8'),solid,unfinished,t&g, Antique Heart Pine. $4.25/sq ft.


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